USR 8054 and HP iPAQ 3615

Despite having upgraded the firmware on my USR 8054 to rev. 1.67b44, my Pocket PC is still having trouble getting a usable connection to it. My test is simple:

- Reboot the Pocket PC. (Success)
- Position the Pocket PC on my desk, about 0.5 meters from the 8054. (Success)
- Run vxUtil. (Success)
- Run the Info tool to verify that there is an IP connection. (Success)
- Run the Ping tool to ping the 8054. (Failure!)

That's as far as I get with frimware 1.67b44. All five pings fail.

I install firmware 1.21h on the 8054 and rerun the tests. All tests pass, with most pings returning in ~500 ms. I continue with these tests:

- Run the Lookup tool to perform a DNS lookup of kasperowski.com. (Success)
- Run the Ping tool to ping kasperowski.com. (Success)
- Run Internet Explorer and get kasperowski.com. (Success)
- Get google. (Success)
- Get the local weather report. (Failure)
- Get the SpeakEasy Speed Test. (Success)
- Run the SpeakEasy Speed Test, using New York as the server. (Success)

It's still a little flaky, but the WiFi connection on the iPAQ 6315 seems to just be that way. I will give USR 8054 firmware 1.21h a try for a few days.

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