Book store car crash

As I shopped at my neighborhood grocery store on Saturday, a bored voice yawned a muffled request over the store's PA system: "... Doctor ... manager ... front of store ... thank you." The voice sounded so uninterested that I thought it must be a joke. It certainly couldn't be a request for help. If I were a doctor, I probably would have ignored the announcement.

I am not a doctor, so I did ignore it. A half hour later, I emerged from the store with my groceries and saw police tape along the sidewalk and an ambulance in front of the nearby book store. Hmmm, I thought, must have bean a heart attack or something--that call for a doctor makes sense now.

I continued on my way home, past the book store. As I rounded the corner, I saw what really happened:


Whoa--that car took out the cafe bar and whoever was sitting there. Yikes. I hope no one was badly injured.

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