I was looking for a visual diff tool for Linux, and I found Meld. When I change some code and need a quick review before I commit my changes, a visual diff is a lot easier to read than svn diff.

Installing Meld on FC5 was simple:

$ sudo yum install meld

yum installs a launcher under Applications/Programming. I now use Meld frequently, so I added the Meld launcher to the panel.

Meld launcher

When you run Meld, it comes up empty. I wish it would start up with the content it held when I last exited.

Meld empty

That's a minor nit, though, considering how much better Meld is than xxdiff, the tool I used to use for visual diff. Pointing Meld to a subversion-controlled directory is easy enough.

I use the Flatten Modified view, and Meld shows me only the files that I have changed.

Meld Flatten Modified

The Compare button delivers the visual diff. In this example, I have added a line, changed a line, and deleted some lines:

Meld Compare

The final treat is that Meld lets me perform some basic version control. Here, I commit my changes:

Meld VC Log

I wish Meld would let me invoke other version control commands, such as svn log, but it doesn't. All in all, though, Meld exceeded my expectations as a visual diff tool.

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