I have been using the same email address since 1997. I used to run a small software development consulting company; I needed my email address to be well publiclicized so people could find and hire me. The unintended result is that my email address is a spam target--I get so much spam that the mailbox would be unusable if I didn't have a good tool to help me.

The best tool I have found to cope with spam is to make the sender prove he is human. I use SpamArrest (yes, that's an affiliate link, and I get a small referral bonus if you sign up), and the results are amazing. The downside is that the first time someone sends me email, he has to pass a CAPTCHA. The upside is that I hardly ever receive spam in my filtered mailbox. Given the results, forcing people to pass a CAPTCHA is a fair trade.

I have used SpamArrest since 2004, and the results have been amazing:

Messages Processed       147943
Messages Forwarded 19293
Spam Percentage 86.96%

That's right, 87% of the email I receive is spam. Here are some charts showing the results. The first chart shows the same breakdown between spam and non-spam since I began using SpamArrest:

Pie chart of all email processed

These charts show results for the last 30 days:

Pie chart of all email processed Pie chart of all email processed

The results speak for themselves. SpamArrest works for me, and my email box remains usable.

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