How to hide comments in Roller

Someone defeated my Roller-based blog's amazingly difficult CAPTCHA (e.g., "What is 3 + 4?") and posted some embarrassing spam comments. I needed a quick way to hide them. In Settings, Preferences/Templates, I edited my _day template by commenting out #showCommentsPageLink( $entry ). My _day template now looks like this:

#showDayPermalink( $day )
#showEntryDate( $day )

#foreach( $entry in $entries )

$text.get("macro.weblog.postedby") $entry.creator.userName
#showEntryPermalink( $entry )


#showLinkbacks( $day )

This almost does what I want: now, no one can add new comments. It's not obvious how to prevent comments from being displayed, though. There are two things I still need to do: 1) Quickly delete the comments from the database using the MySQL command line, and 2) Upgrade to Roller 2.3, which is available on the Roller download page. According to the user guide, Roller 2.3 has better comment management and spam handling.

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