Week 1 practice plan

Here is an outline for week 1 training. The goals are to get to know each other and review U12 skills.

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up in pairs or small groups

  2. Colors passing: Half of the players in red pennies, half in blue. Teams playing together in the same space combine in the passing sequence blue-blue-red-red-blue-blue-red-red etc. etc. Ball can never stop, players can never stop moving, and ball cannot leave area of play. Coach can limit touch-count, mandate which foot to pass with or which side of foot to pass with as sees fit. When players can do first sequence adequately and without frequent errors change the sequence to blue-blue-blue-red-red-red-blue-blue-blue etc. etc. Stress communication and technical passing points throughout. Make this activity competitive by counting errors and setting goals by lowering allowed errors.

  3. Shield-steal

  4. 2v2+2 or 3v3+3

  5. 5 Goal Game: 4v4+2; or N+1 goal game, with NvN+2, where N is the number of players per side

  6. Four-squares passing

  7. Four Small Goals

  8. 8v8: two goals

Resource: Massachusetts Youth Soccer U6-U12 Curriculum

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