Pocket Word: Error opening file

I keep notes in a Word document, sometimes on my PC and sometimes on my Pocket PC. I use OpenOffice.org 2.0 Writer as my editor, and ActiveSync 4.2.0 (Build 4876) to synchronize the file between the PC and the Pocket PC.

Recently, the Pocket PC had trouble opening the document. When I tapped the file name to open it in Pocket Word, an error window appeared, and Pocket Word closed the document before I could use it. The error window read:

Pocket Word        ok
Error opening file

It turned out there were two problems with my Word document. First, I had typed an email address into it. OpenOffice automatically turned it into a hyperlink with a mailto: URL. Second, I had pasted some hyperlinks from Firefox into the document. OpenOffice did the right thing, formatting them the expected way. Pocket Word was barfing on these hyperlinks. I removed them from the document, re-synced, and Pocket Word was happy again.

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