MLS Cup 2006

You know we love New England!
We do! We do!
Cuz we're the Revolution.
The red, the white, the blue!
La la la la, la la,
You know we love New England!
La la, la la,
The red, the white, the blue!

Jake and I had a great time supporting the Revs at the MLS Cup on Sunday. We were overjoyed by their goal late in extra time, only to be disappointed as they let the tying goal throuhg and lost on PKs, 4-3.

Jay, it's not your fault. You had a great season. We look forward to seeing you again in the spring.


Week 10 practice plan

This week, the sun sets very early, so training sessions will be short. We'll have time for only three or four activities, which will cover fundamentals:

  1. Passing and juggling

  2. 1v1+2

  3. 2v2+2 or 3v3+3

  4. 8v8


ThinkPad keyboard and the Windows key

I was frustrated that there wasn't an easy way to lock the screen on my ThinkPad G40 running Windows XP. According to Microsoft, you press Windows Key + L to lock the screen. But the ThinkPad doesn't have a Windows key.

Then I found the ThinkPad Keyboard Customizer Utility for Windows XP. I installed it, as well as its required additional packages: ThinkPad HotKey Driver and ThinkPad Power Management Driver. To complete the installation of each utility, I ran the setup programs. For example, to install the Keyboard Customizer, I clicked Start / Run, and typed C:\DRIVERS\WIN\KEYCUSTM\SETUP in the Open box, and clicked OK. After installing all three utilities, I rebooted Windows.

After rebooting, I selected Start / All Programs / ThinkVantage / Keyboard Customizer Utility. The Keyboard Customizer screen appeared:

It showed that the Right Alt Key is mapped to the Windows Key. I selected Enable key assignments and clicked Apply, and I had a working Windows key. I pressed Right Alt + L to lock the screen, and it worked.


Week 9 practice plan

Back to basics: ball skills, 1v1, possession (large numbers vs. small numbers), bring the ball wide, and a little bit of goal keeper practice.

  1. Passing and juggling

  2. Shield-steal

  3. 1v1+2: Like our old right angle passing game

  4. 2v2+2 or 3v3+3

  5. Four small goals

  6. Triangle goal game

  7. 8v8


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