Week 2 practice plan

Passing, passing, passing!

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up individually and in pairs.

  2. Right angle passing

  3. Gates passing

  4. 5 Goal Game: 4v4+2; or N+1 goal game, with NvN+2, where N is the number of players per side. Five 2-yard goals are spread out throughout the grid. The plus 2 players are always on the attacking team. The teams score by passing through any of the goals to a teammate. Must receive with inside of foot, then outside, weak foot inside/outside are different expectations that can be put on the players. First team to 10 points wins. Players need to be able to see where the open goals are, and receive with a picture of what is around them. With this in mind, if the players are advanced enough, the player receiving through the goal must play 1 touch. Coach could require receiving player to perform a feint before touching ball.

  5. Four-squares passing

  6. Four small goals

  7. 8v8

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