Week 8 practice plan

This week's plan adds throw-ins to last week's plan.

  1. Juggling and passing warmup: Passes must be at least 40 yards long. Who can accurately pass the farthest?

  2. 2v1: The 1 starts with the ball and tries to maintain possession for as long as possible. Count how long you can hold the ball--1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, ... Who held the ball longest?

  3. Throw in wall pass: Player stands at first cone, throws the ball in to his partner, and runs to the second cone, where he receives a pass from his partner. Partner practices ball skills receiving the throw in and attempts to pass back with 1 or 2 touches. Add a defender.

  4. 6 goal width and depth game: With cones, make 6 goals on the field. Two at the sidelines, and one in each corner. Divide into two teams. Teams get 1 point for every time they pass the ball through a set of cones (twice in a row doesn't count), and 3 points for scoring on the real goals.

  5. Triangle goal game: Turn and shoot!

  6. 8v8: Points count only if the entire attacking team is in the last 2/3 of the field. Quick attack reward: 2 points if the defending team isn't entirely in their defensive 2/3 of the field. Possibly leave the goals in the corner from the 6 goal game to reward crosses.

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