Week 3 practice plan

This week we'll continue focusing on possession through passing, and we'll add throw-ins.

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up individually and in pairs. Make it intense so it's really a warm up: how many jugs in 60 seconds?
  2. Warm up and stretch: Jog forward, jog backward, jog touching thighs, jog touching ankles, step-over jog. Stretch.
  3. Throw ins: Pairs of players review legal throw in technique. Receiver immediately passes the ball back to thrower. Then 2v1: attacking players practice throw in as a wall pass technique around the defender.
  4. 1v1+2
  5. 5 goal game: 4v4+2; or N+1 goal game, with NvN+N/2, where N is the number of players per side
  6. 4 corners passing game
  7. 8v8

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