Week 4 practice plan

This week we'll review headers and practice winning the ball and shooting.

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up individually and in pairs.
  2. Warm up and stretch: Jog forward, jog backward, jog touching thighs, jog touching ankles, 3 steps and outside-in, 3 steps and inside-out, step-over jog. Stretch.
  3. Heading intro: Push the ball against your forehead. Close your jaws tight. Use your neck muscles to push against the ball. Practice solo: how many in a row?
  4. 2v2 or 3v3 head volleyball: Players line up a few yards apart from each other. Serve by tossing the ball to an opponent's head. Volley the ball by heading it back and forth. Score by heading the ball over the opposing team so it can't be returned. Variation: try to get more consecutive headers than another group.
  5. Triangle goal game: Win the ball! Turn and shoot!
  6. 8v8: Can't score unless entire team is in attacking half of the field. Score extra points if entire defending team is not in defensive half of the field.

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