Week 6 practice plan

More passing and shooting, and a little bit of ball control:
  1. Passing, juggling, and throwing in: Warm up individually and in pairs. Review throw-ins individually.
  2. Warm up and stretch: Jog forward, jog backward, jog touching thighs, jog touching ankles, 3 steps and jump, 3 steps and squat, step-over jog. Stretch.
  3. Soccer tennis: 1v1, then 2v2. Server directly from the ground, or on one bounce from your hands. Maximum 3 touches per side.
  4. One goal game: One goal in the middle of the field, one goalkeeper. Each team attacks one side of the goal. Win the ball! Turn and shoot! Follow the shot! Extra points for long shots (>20 yards).
  5. Crossing game: Cones are set up down each side of the field to leave a lane for crossers (A and D). B starts with the ball, gives a leading pass to A, then A crosses to C (who is making a run). C to D, D back to B, then B to A and the cycle starts again. At the end of the field they turn and come back (changing feet). We set a number of crosses they must complete (A and D passes -- say 10), and each "team" of 4 sees how fast they can do it, and how few touches they can do it in. You can also add that the ball must be stopped on an end line at least X times.

    Other boys: juggling and other skills at center circle or sideline, or if room and numbers available, on side of field, doing one goal game.

    This drill can progress into a small sided game, where defenders and goalies at both ends are added, lane crossers are neutral and get free use of the lane.
    David's cool drawing

  6. 8v8: Can't score unless entire team is in attacking half of the field. Extra points for switching field. Review throw-in technique, defensive walls, and corner kick offense and defense.

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