Simple MBTA rider tools

The MBTA recently upgraded their web site and put the Rider Tools on the home page, where they should be. The home page loads very slowly on constrained mobile devices like my Pocket PC. Here's a very simplified version of the MBTA Rider Tools, quickly stripped down to its essentials:

Simple MBTA Rider Tools

There is room for improvement, but now it's good enough to use from a mobile web browser.


Week 4 practice plan

Skills to focus on this week include heading, winning 50-50 balls, and passing.

  1. Juggling and passing warmup: Use your head!

  2. Heading intro: Push the ball against your forehead. Close your jaws tight. Use your neck muscles to push against the ball.

  3. 2v2 or 3v3 head volleyball: Players line up a few yards apart from each other. Serve by tossing the ball to an opponent's head. Volley the ball by heading it back and forth. Score by heading the ball over the opposing team so it can't be returned. Variation: try to get more consecutive headers than another group.

  4. 5 Goal Game: 4v4+2; or N+1 goal game, with NvN+2, where N is the number of players per side.

  5. Four-squares passing: For this game and the following games, award extra points for passing, receiving, or scoring with your head. To encourage winning 50-50 balls, whenever the ball goes out of play, the coach tosses a new ball onto the field.

  6. Triangle goal game: This game leads to denser defense and gives the goalkeeper some practice.

  7. 8v8


Week 3 practice plan

We have canceled half of our practices so far due to snow and rain. This week's practice plan is a repeat of last week's. Here's hoping for better weather.


Week 2 practice plan

Passing, passing, passing!

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up individually and in pairs.

  2. Right angle passing

  3. Gates passing

  4. 5 Goal Game: 4v4+2; or N+1 goal game, with NvN+2, where N is the number of players per side. Five 2-yard goals are spread out throughout the grid. The plus 2 players are always on the attacking team. The teams score by passing through any of the goals to a teammate. Must receive with inside of foot, then outside, weak foot inside/outside are different expectations that can be put on the players. First team to 10 points wins. Players need to be able to see where the open goals are, and receive with a picture of what is around them. With this in mind, if the players are advanced enough, the player receiving through the goal must play 1 touch. Coach could require receiving player to perform a feint before touching ball.

  5. Four-squares passing

  6. Four small goals

  7. 8v8


Pirates Spring 2007 players and families meeting

Players and Families Meeting
Cambridge Pirates
Spring 2007
Richard Kasperowski

  • About the coaches

    • Volunteers

      • Donate >200h/y/coach of personal time

      • Unpaid or worse: we paid the same CYS fees you did to have our kids on the team

    • Richard Kasperowski

      • Mind: Regular guy, degree in CS, work as tech manager for a high tech company

      • Body: Youth soccer, cycling, running, TKD

      • Spirit: Married, Jake's dad, two pets

      • Soccer: Soccer, coaching Jake's teams since micro soccer, US Soccer F license

      • I coach soccer because I love soccer, I love coaching, and I love family time.

    • Ed Rogers

      • Mind: Works in finance in Kendall Square

      • Body: Soccer

      • Sprit: Scott's Big Brother

      • Soccer: Youth soccer, high school soccer, pick up games, BAYS coach, summer and winter youth soccer organizer, US Soccer G license

  • About CYS

    • CYS goals

      • Enjoy soccer now, enjoy soccer later

      • Be athletically fit now, be fit later

      • Have fun

    • US Soccer coaching guidelines

      • Modeled after Dutch system

      • Formalized by US Soccer development system

      • Followed by Massachusetts Youth Soccer, Cambridge Youth Soccer

      • Training sessions mimic game situations

        • Individual skills

        • Small-sided games (1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 2v4, 3v3, etc.)

      • Positive feedback

    • This team

      • BAYS Division 3: "recreational"

      • Middle of the 3 Cambridge BAYS U14B teams: we play soccer because we like it and we're pretty good at it, but we're not fanatics

      • Performed very well last season, promoted to a more competitive group.

  • Coach responsibilities (what players and families can expect)

    • >=1 of us will be at every practice and game

    • Punctual

    • Prepared

      • Training plan (published on kasperowski.com)

      • Game plan

    • Communicative

    • Responsible for player safety during practices and games

      • Field conditions

      • Medical releases

    • ... but not necessarily responsible before and after practices and games

      • We are not your extra baby sitters

      • We have lives outside of soccer, and usually leave the field immediately

    • Coaching style

      • Training sessions: Teach skills, following the US Soccer coaching recommendations

      • Matches: Let the kids play, make sure there are 11 guys on the field, watch for injuries, head cheerleaders, enjoy the match

    • Always trying to improve

    • Help players and families meet their goals responsibilities

    • Good role models

    • Have fun

  • Player responsibilities (what coaches and families can expect)

    • Schoolwork

    • Attendance

      • 80% of practices and 80% of games

      • Your attendance at practice indicates that you want to play on game day, and you'll be rewarded for that with extra playing time on game day.

    • Punctual

      • On time for practice

      • 30 minutes prior to game

    • Prepared

      • Wearing all required equipment for practices and games

      • Water or sports drink

      • Healthful snack (recommendation: peanut butter on whole wheat bread)

      • No jewelry

      • Well rested, well fed

    • Play every position

    • Must bring a ball to practice

    • Respectful, well behaved

      • To coaches, teammates, and parents

      • Opposing players

      • Referee: zero tolerance

    • Good teammate

    • Always trying to improve

    • Watch higher level soccer

    • Have fun

  • Family responsibilities (what coaches and players can expect)

    • Match behavior

      • Be a vocal supporter

      • Be positive

      • Let them play their own game--don't micromanage

      • Don't talk to or about the referee: zero tolerance

    • Help players meet their responsibilities

    • Communicate with coaches privately, outside of practice time and game time

    • Good role models

    • Watch higher level soccer

    • Have fun


Week 1 practice plan

The goal for this week is to get back into the soccer spirit, reviewing skills and focusing on small sided games.

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up individually and in pairs.

  2. Shield-steal

  3. 1v1+1

  4. 1v1+2

  5. 2v2+2 or 3v3+3

  6. 8v8


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