Practice plan #4 (skills)

Theme: Skills

  1. Warm up & stretch
  2. Ball handling: Partner tosses ball to your foot/thigh/chest/hand. You control and pass back on 1 or 2 touches. Form a circle with ball tossers in the center, tossing to players on the outside;
  3. Throw in: Review technique, practice with a partner. Tips: If it's crowded, throw in to teammate's head; step onto the field and look for teammate's pass back to you.
  4. 1v1: Dribbler vs defender to small goal. Defender starts half way between attacker and goal. Tips: defender stays between attacker and goal, defender doesn't overcommit.
  5. Slalom: Set up gates that each player dribbles through. How quickly can you dribble through the gates? Tip: Keep the ball close.
  6. 8v8: Bonus points for consecutive passes. Tip: Strong passes; defenders, listen to your GK calling "keeper" or "away;" GK, take your time restarting after you collect the ball, wait for your teammates to be ready for your pass; never pass across your goal area.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Update: I added the rotate part to the Ball handling exercise, and I replaced Fast attack with Slalom.


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