Practice plan #1 (shooting)

Theme: Shooting

  1. Warm up & stretch
  2. Triangle goal game: 2 goalkeepers
  3. Dual sided goal: Using a coerver goal or setting up a goal in which the goalie must protect both sides of the goal, play 8 against 8. Both teams can score from either side of the goal. If a goalie makes a save she just punts the ball out. Teams must learn to change the point of attack and must give support to each other and communicate constantly. This will help teach teams to make the field big when on offense and to try to compact the field on defense.
  4. 6 goal width and depth game: With cones, make 6 goals on the field. Two at the sidelines, and one in each corner. Divide into two teams. Teams get 1 point for every time they pass the ball through a set of cones (twice in a row doesn't count), and 3 points for scoring on the real goals.
  5. 8v8

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