Practice plan #8 (shooting)

Theme: Shooting


  1. Warm up & stretch
  2. Shooting drills: Players stay warm in a box above the area, either dribbling individually or passing with a partner. A goalkeeper defends the goal. Call a player's name, and he shoot on goal. Variations: player gets 1 touch and shoots; player shoots first touch; player passes to keeper, who pass to him on the side, and player shoots; two players attack together, one touch each; add a defender. Tip: shoot quickly, don't take an extra step.
  3. 6 goal width and depth game: With cones, make 6 goals on the field. Two at the sidelines, and one in each corner. Divide into two teams. Teams get 1 point for every time they pass the ball through a set of cones (twice in a row doesn't count), and 3 points for scoring on the real goals.
  4. 8v8

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