How to assemble the Shaker all in one loft bed

This is a pictorial guide to assembling the Shaker All in One Loft, sold in the Boston area at Bedrooms. This series of photos is my step by step disassembly, with the photos reversed for assembly.

At Bedrooms, the bed is called "Shaker All In One Loft Twin/Twin" and is item #2000. For cross reference, a label on the bed calls it the Innovations Model # 261 Shaker ALL IN ONE TWIN, from Hartford, CT.

This catalog image from Bedrooms shows the bed completely assembled in its model habitat:

Here are the step by step assembly photos:


Here is the simple command line I used to rename the photos and sort them from disassembly order to assembly order:
$ n=0; for f in `ls -1 *.JPG | sort -r`; do newname=${n}.jpg; if [ $n -lt 10 ]; then newname=0$newname; fi; mv $f $newname; n=$(($n+1)); done
My original photos were 8 megapixels each. To resize the images to 1024x768, I used ImageMagick and this simple command line:
$ for f in `echo 2008-07-13-jake-bed-disassembly/*.jpg`; do convert $f -resize 1024x768 2008-07-13-jake-bed-disassembly-1024x768/`basename $f`; done


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you ever check this site, but I want to thank you for providing this detailed description. My son has had this bed for 5 years and it's time for him to move up. I am donating the bed to Goodwill but was concerned that the future buyer would be able to figure out how to assemble. I printed your instructions and and am including with my donation. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you! Bought one on Craigslist and this site is uber-helpful!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was given one of these beds without some of the hardware. Do you know who I can contact to get the hardware?

Anonymous said...

I too am AMAZED to find instructions like this -- just when I need to be able to give the bed to someone else for re-assembly (originally bought on Craig's List without instructions). THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Thanks for posting these helpful instructions!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is such a big help. I just bought one from someone one line and it didn't come with instructions. Lifesaver.

Janelle Carey said...

You are awesome sir. Thank you for posting this!

Richard Clarke said...

Just put together a used version of this bed I bought on Craigs List. Thank you for these instructions, I could not have done it without them.


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