Why doesn't Capture work?

Capture 0.1 stopped working properly on my iPhone. When I tap it, the Capture start screen appears, as expected. But when I tap the Launch Capture button, the screen blanks and SpringBoard reappears, but Capture isn't running. rubycon5 has a similar problem, so I know it's not just me.

I notice that when I launch Capture from the SpringBoard, it runs as user mobile:
mirex:/Applications/Capture.app root# ps -ef | grep Capture
501 660 622 0 0:00.22 ?? 0:00.97 /Applications/Capture.app/Capture --launchedFromSB
0 670 632 0 0:00.01 ttyp0 0:00.01 grep Capture
mirex:/Applications/Capture.app root# grep 501 /etc/passwd
mobile:*:501:501:Mobile User:/var/mobile:/bin/sh
mirex:/Applications/Capture.app root#
When I log in as mobile and run Capture from the command line, it logs some errors to stdout:
mirex:~ mobile$ cd /Applications/Capture.app/
mirex:/Applications/Capture.app mobile$ ./Capture
2008-06-28 10:41:52.185 Capture[681:d03] MainView initWithFrame
2008-06-28 10:41:52.212 Capture[681:d03] MainView initWithFrame end
2008-06-28 10:41:52.526 Capture[681:d03] from: (null), to: (null)
launchctl: CFURLWriteDataAndPropertiesToResource(/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.digitalagua.capture.plist) failed: -10
launchctl: CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource(/var/mobile/Library) failed: -10
launchctl: propertyList is NULL
launchctl: no plist was returned for: /var/mobile/Library
launchctl: no plist was returned for: /var/mobile/Library
launchctl: CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource(/var/mobile/Media) failed: -10
launchctl: propertyList is NULL
launchctl: no plist was returned for: /var/mobile/Media
launchctl: no plist was returned for: /var/mobile/Media
mirex:/Applications/Capture.app mobile$
CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource error -10 is kCFURLUnknownError, which is interesting but not very helpful.

My work around is to log in as root and run Capture from the command line. Running as root, it has no problems.

I have tried both tweaking file permissions and reinstalling Capture to no avail. Have you solved this problem? How?


Greg said...

i found your page while searching for a solution to the same problem. I was seeing "CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource" in my /var/log/system.log file and wanted to investigate.

I'm not familiar with the Mac API so I'm not sure what it's trying to do. But based on your comment about running as root, I took a look at my own file permissions.

I made the plist that appeared to be causing the error world-readable (i.e. chmod 644 *.plist) and that fixed the problem (of error messages in my log files. no word yet on what the root problem was or if I corrected it.)

Richard said...

Cool, thanks.


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