Firefox upgrade day

Today is Firefox Upgrade Day in my office. I postponed upgrading Firefox from 2.0 to 3.0 because I wanted to make sure my favorite add-ons had caught up to 3.0. The add-ons I care about are: Firefox 3.0 installed itself over Firefox 2.0. The old installs of Adblock Plus, Google Gears, and NoScript already were compatible with 3.0, so those were all set. Firefox found and installed an updated release of Google Toolbar for Firefox, leaving me to take care of Google Browser Sync and Google Web Accelerator.

Downloading and installing Google Web Accelerator seemed like a piece of cake, although it required a Windows reboot. Annoyingly, after going through the tedium of installing it, it is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.

The only add-on left to reinstall was Google Browser Sync. Unfortunately, the Google Browser Sync web page reads:
Google Browser Sync is no longer available for download. Instead, to get similar functionality, we suggest using Mozilla Weave, Google Toolbar for Firefox, or Foxmarks.

Mozilla Weave sounded interesting, so I visited its web page, only to find:

Thank you for the overwhelming response to Weave 0.2!

We've reached our account limit, and have stopped accepting any new registrations at this time.

We apologize for the delay. We will be experimenting with different solutions to scale the service, and will re-open registrations when we are confident that we can support more users. To be notified when registration re-opens, please subscribe to the Mozilla Labs mailing list and newsgroup.

If you already have an account and need the extension for another computer (or you run your own server), you can download it here

I don't already have an account, and I am not prepared to run my own server, so I installed Foxmarks as my last resort. It's not as good as Google Browser Sync was--it doesn't synchronize passwords and cookies--but it's good enough. On the bright side, MyFoxmarks works well on iPhone Safari.

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