Early stage mobile companies

Last night's MoMoBoston event was an introduction to ten early stage mobile companies. Here are some of the highlights.

David Reich presented AssuredLabor.com. AssuredLabor has a great idea: I need something done around my house, and you want the job. AssuredLabor introduces us via text message, and we're all happy.

Brad Rosen presented Drync. Drync is a mobile wine cellar and tasting diary. You can search for wines by name or photo, research wines, record your tasting notes, and buy wine, all while sitting at your table in a restaurant.

Keith Irskine presented Padpaw. Padpaw makes mobile group messaging easy.

Ponger presented their mobile price comparison shopping companion. One of the interesting technology pieces is image recognition: snap a photo of the product, and they will tell you all about the product. This is a great improvement on the usual UI experience, where you have to type the product's UPC or ISBN.

Jason Jacobs presented RunKeeper. RunKeeper is an iPhone app tracks your running and cycling training, including location tracking for your training routes. It's great to see Jason succeed.

Dan Grover presented Wonder Warp's Shovebox. Dave seems like a great guy with well built tools that solve the simple problems that need solving.

Guiseppe Taibi of SmartWorlds didn't present, but he and I caught up and chatted about some of his exciting new iPhone app's.

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