Remember the Milk vs Todoist

The first time I tried Remember the Milk, I didn't get it. I was transitioning from a simple Outlook style to do list: a single list of tasks, a high-medium-low priority and a due date for each task. The Remember the Milk UI was too complex, and it wasn't obvious to this dolt how to do something as simple as setting a task's due date. I might not have had JavaScript enabled in my web browser, which certainly didn't help. Frustrated, I settled on the simpler Todist.

I like Todoist's simplicity. I organize my to do list in multiple categories, and each item has a due date. I don't bother with task priorities. I use indenting to group sub-items together.

Todoist's biggest problem is its mobile presentation. This is a Big Deal to me. Moving from Pocket PC to iPhone, I needed a mobile to do list. Todoist works on iPhone's web browser, but it is subpar. The task names are too small to read unless you zoom in, but when you zoom in, you have to do too much horizontal scrolling.

Remember the Milk announced a new native iPhone app, so I tried it again. This time I got it, and I like it, even without the native iPhone app. Oh, that makes sense now: each task has an info square on the right, and that's where you set the due date. You can annotate your tasks with notes, URLs, and other task information, an improvement over Todoist. It has Google Gears support so my to do list is available when my PC is disconnected. The mobile web adaptation is crude, but way better than Todoist: it is completely usable on both the web and on the mobile web.

I moved my to do list from Todoist to Remember the Milk, and so far I'm happy with it.


robskils said...

I quite agree. The one thing holding Todoist back for me is the lack of an iPhone app or at least a genuinely usable mobile interface.

Incidentally, I have written a tutorial post on my site on how I personally use Todoist for those who are interested in refining their productivity: http://lsdigitalmedia.co.uk/2008/12/using-todoist-as-a-simple-task-management-tool/

Anonymous said...

I started using Todoist Wall which works well on the iPhone:


Fernando Boaglio said...

I really miss priority on my tasks, so I had to leave rtm .

Richard said...

@Fernando, I'm happy with Due Date over priorities. For any task, I'm either going to do it today, do it in the future, or not do it at all.


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