I can't use Google Chrome

I want to use Chrome. All the cool kids use it. It has some great features. Unfortunately, it is missing good plugin support, and its Gears just don't work well.

The lack of good plugins is an annoyance. Without Adblock Plus and Noscript, I feel like I'm stepping back into the dark ages of web browsing. (Well, not really the dark ages, but the early advertising age, anyway.) I've grown used to Google Toolbar, and I love having my bookmarks available everywhere via Google Bookmarks, yet Chrome lacks solid support for these plugins. Chrome should make it easy to use the good plugins that already exist for Firefox.

Google Gears doesn't play well with Google Docs. Gears is one of the reasons I use Docs: Docs still works when my network connection breaks. This is important when I'm giving a presentation or collaborating with coworkers--I can't expect my colleagues to wait for the idiot using the cloud office tools to get his network connection back. When I enable Gears on the Docs home page, Gears always complains:
Status: Errors have been found

An error occurred while updating software. Failed to update software for the applications: Docs Home page, Google Spreadsheets
Why can't Google's web browser be better integrated with its own products?

I'll try Chrome again in another month or so. Until then, I'll stick with Firefox.

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feoh said...

I totally agree. There are aspects of Chrome that still feel very 'beta' to me.

It's like it's a Proof of Concept that they fixed all the crashing critical bugs in and proclaimed "Ship it!" before truly thinking through the use cases they should have.

The question is though: Do we represent the average browser user? Probably not. Have most of them ever even installed a Firefox extension?


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