Upgrade unlocked iPhone to 2.2

It's time to upgrade the unlocked iPhone from firmware 2.1 to 2.2. I have waited long enough to be confident that firmware 2.2 and the pwnage tools are stable. I want the over-the-air Podcast downloader and Google StreetView.

Inventory and backup
Upgrading and jailbreaking to firmware 2.2 does not remove anything authorized from your iPhone. All you have to do is make a list of Cydia app's to reinstall after the jailbreak. Here is my list of favorite Cydia apps:
  • Flashlight
  • SwirlyMMS
  • Mobile Terminal
  • Cycorder
  • TuneWiki
  • StumblerPlus
  • MyBattery
  • iLocalis
  • PdaNet
In addition, I like these other Cydia packages:
  • OpenSSH
  • RapTones Vol 1
  • rsync
  • Safari Addon Plugins
Upgrade firmware
I previously let iTunes download firmware 2.2, but I didn't install it. With firmware 2.2.1 available, I have to trick iTunes into installing the older firmware 2.2. In iTunes, in your device's Summary section, in the Version section, shift-click the Update. (Thanks to The "Break it Down" Blog for the clue.) Select your 2.2 firmware file--mine is at C:\Documents and Settings\kasper\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software UpdatesiPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw. During the upgrade, the iPhone reboots, displaying a Steve Jobs saying something in Russian. After a few minutes, the iPhone reboots. iTunes notices the iPhone and reports that an incompatible SIM is installed. Time to jailbreak and unlock

Jailbreak and unlock
I download QuickPwn 2.2 and the two bootloader files from iPhone Hacks. I install and run QuickPwn. I play nice, following the instruction, and the iPhone is back up and running in a few more minutes.

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Richard said...

Now that you're at 2.2, upgrade to 2.2.1.


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