iPhone Dvorak for real

Update: See Read More on Dvorak for iPhone for more!

It's here, and it's the real deal: a Dvorak keyboard layout for your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone, run Cydia, and install the Dvorak Keyboard addon for iKeyEx. To activate the Dvorak layout, tap the globe key until you see the familiar AOEUI key sequence. As a bonus, you get punctuation keys like ',.?- on the primary keyboard; you don't have to tap the 123 key for punctuation, as you do on the iPhone's Qwerty keyboard.



Caleb said...

So that we can get it put in to the iPhone for real:

Send your feedback to Apple:

Select feedback type: Configurability
Dear Apple:

Please add the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard to the iPhone.

Thank you.

If you send feedback, post here and let us know.

Toph said...

I left feedback. I'm not planning on unlocking my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed touch-typing with a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout on my Apple MBP laptop.
So, I added my request for an iPhone DSK layout at the feedback to Apple, as requested.

Byrno said...

I left 'em a note asking for Dvorak.

Ken Mankoff said...

I've just installed Dvorak in iPhone. Seems to work, but the spell checking does not work for me. Does your spell check take into account the Dvorak letters nearby, or is it still using a QWERTY algorithm to guess the suggestion?

Richard said...

My guess is that the iPhone uses the spellchecker that's optimized for QWERTY typos, despite the alternate iKeyEx layout.

andrew said...

I've left feedback as well:

I've also encouraged all my fellow dvorak users to do the same.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you to request the addition of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout for iPhone software update 3.0. As a Dvorak user for years, I recognize that the number of Dvorak users is not very high. An estimate from 1984 suggested there were ~100,000 users. Given the ease of changing layouts in the computer age, I would think it is safe to assume that this number has increased by some amount. I have no idea how many iPhone users this would translate to, but surely as many as some of the more obscure language layouts on the iPhone 3G.

I wouldn't imagine the development of this feature to be too time or resource intensive as there are already 31 keyboard layouts included on the iPhone 3G, not to mention that the Dvorak layout is available in OSX and has been an option in Mac OS since 8.6. (It is also present as an option in Windows and nearly all Unix/Linux/BSD systems).

As a Dvorak user on my MacBook Pro, I find typing on my iPhone 3G to be quite difficult as I have completely transitioned to Dvorak. Imagine the difficulty for a QWERTY typer to try to type on a phone with Dvorak. If Apple didn't support the Dvorak layout at all, I would understand its absence from the iPhone, but Apple has acknowledged and supported its existence and its users for over 10 years, so I think it is only fitting that they extend this support to the iPhone.

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew said...

Reported bug 6960898 at bugreport.apple.com for dvorak

zourtney said...

I left them a note too on the iPhone feedback site. I was disappointed, and frankly surprised, that this isn't implemented already.

I use Dvorak at all times, except when typing my passwords. I use QWERTY for passwords so don't have to jot down a Caesar Cipher every time I want to log into something with a QWERTY mapped keyboard!

Nugg said...

Anyone tried this method with the new OS?

I am super-disappointed Dvorak is not on the list of layouts in the new release, and I have sent my feedback. Just wondering if Richard's approach will work with the 3.0 release.

ken mankoff said...

Not supported by iPhone 3.0 yet. Authors of the hack suggest they are working on it but it is a major effort requiring total rewrite.

Michael said...

I just left them a request as well.

Anonymous said...

Great page, easy to follow instructions all around.

Only problem - I can't actually get the Dvorak keyboard to activate!!! I've got it installed, Cydia, etc. all no problem - just I can STILL only see Qwerty! Any suggestions??

lima said...

I just left a note in Apple's iPod Touch feedback form, but I'm not holding my breath. Anyway, with any luck iKeyEx will support the 3.x OS before too terribly long, at which juncture we'll ("we" meaning those of us who have jailbroken units) all be saved a headache.

Richard said...


Only problem - I can't actually get the Dvorak keyboard to activate!!! I've got it installed, Cydia, etc. all no problem - just I can STILL only see Qwerty! Any suggestions??

To cycle between keyboard layouts, tap the "globe" key to the left of the space bar. For a menu of keyboard layouts, press and hold the "globe" key.

Anonymous said...

When do you think the version for the 3.0 update will be out?

nessmuk said...

Can this be done on the iPod Touch also?


Anonymous said...

I really hope that iKeyEx will be working for 3.0 soon. I can't get it to work and I'm using it everywhere. I have Windows, Linux and OSX running with the Dvorak keyboard layout, and I'm unable to do this on the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I sent in my request for Dvorak keyboard today.

Anonymous said...

Left my feedback with them.

Chris said...

I left my feedback with Apple a while ago, even before my iPhone was jailbroken, and have gotten very nearly every other Dvorak user at my university to do the same. So if anybody is keeping score at home, you can chalk up another 100 or so requests.

The lack of a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout was the single largest contributor to my decision to JB my iPhone and had they included one, I probably would have stuck with the default firmware.

Unfortunately, having jailbroken, I am in the same boat as Anon2 and no closer to typing on a keyboard that makes any damned sense to my Dvorak-trained brain.

Is there any word on when this will be compatible with 3.x OS?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think ikeyEX does not currently work with 3.0. There appears to be a beta version of 3.0 floating around but you can't get it through cydia.


Francis said...

it should work again:


Donovan said...

Yay! Been typing in Dvorak for a couple years now.

So I got a 3G 8GB iPhone today on Craigslist, and after getting a great hookup (free) from a friend that works at TMoblie, got it jail broke, and unlocked, and my old phone number transferred over.

Came back to your site, followed your directions, and now have the Dvorak layout on my happy new iPhone!

Thank you so much... the IKeyEX worked great.

I also tried to help the cause yesterday by also requesting to Apple that they add the Dvorak keyboard input as one of their standard options.

Also, I was well pleased to find that the new Macbook Pro Unibodies can be arranged in the Dvorak layout without problems.

Again, much appreciated.

And to any of you who still type in QWERTY... STOP IT!

Dvorak is silky =]

- Pixel -

Anonymous said...

I left feedback asking for Dvorak.

Brad said...

I, too, left feedback.

Ja said...

I've also left feedback.

almasmith said...

Also posted feedback.

phairow said...

Finally, I don't have to hurt my brain when typing. I have been forced to hunt and peck on qwerty for a few years, so much so that I have learned to touch type qwerty or dvorak. I can type about 15 words a minute in qwerty now while I'm averaging 70 or so in dvorak without even practicing. I really try not to touch type qwerty since my normal typing suffers after prolonged use. I can't wait for apple to add this as a standard option with dvorak typing correction included.


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