See Richard at ICCA Boston

Join me on Tuesday, November 17, as I present Winning Clients with Scrum and Agile at ICCA Boston. Here is the abstract. See you there!

Winning Clients with Scrum and Agile

Speaker: Richard Kasperowski, of Nellymoser
Your clients want to deliver great software, but traditional approaches get in the way. Use Scrum and other Agile approaches to show your clients how to deliver great products on time, helping them win, and helping you win new clients.
Attendees will learn:
  • How traditional software development methodologies often fail
  • Why Scrum and other Agile approaches can succeed
  • How to introduce Scrum to a development organization
  • Tools you can use to succeed with Scrum
  • Pitfalls related to Scrum and Agile
Richard Kasperowski is Director of Solutions and Services at Nellymoser, leading his engineering team building great mobile applications.  Richard ran a successful independent consulting practice for eight years before rejoining larger organizations. He has been developing software for over 20 years in a wide variety of roles, including engineering director, architect and developer. His blog can be found at kasperowski.com.  Richard is not an agile zealot, but rather someone who has come to embrace agile methodologies as a result of his real world experiences with them.

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