Upgrade your unlocked iPhone to 3.1.2

It really couldn't be easier:
  1. Run AptBackup and tap Backup.
  2. Run iTunes on your PC and install the new firmware.
  3. Run blackra1n on your PC and click the button.
  4. Run blackra1n on your iPhone and install Cydia.
  5. Run Cydia. Install required updates, then install AptBackup.
  6. Run AptBackup and tap Restore.
  7. Run Terminal and change your default passwords for users mobile and root!


Brief intro to mobile app platforms

I presented Brief Intro to Mobile App Platforms last week, as a guest speaker at the New England Institute of Art's Mobile Design and Development course. The highlight of the day wasn't me, of course; it was the final project presentations--they were great! Thanks for inviting me, Chuck.


How's your Scrum?

Are you doing Scrum, or are you doing Scrum-But?

Many teams use the Nokia Test to evaluate their Scrumness. Bas Vodde presented the original Nokia Test in 2006; he used it as a simple way to evaluate the Agileness of development teams at Nokia. In 2007, Jeff Sutherland adapted the Nokia Test to Scrum.

Ken Schwaber recently developed a more comprehensive Scrum assessment. You can use it to evaluate your knowledge of Scrum and see how it improves over time. Ken is also using it to understand the Scrum community's knowledge of the Scrum Guide.


Activate G1 without Android data plan, redux

Our G1 was acting flaky--frequent reboots, as if the battery were disconnecting--so we got a warranty replacement. We still don't have a data plan, so activating the G1 is still interesting. My old hack to activate the G1 without an Android data plan (T-Mobile Android Unlimited Web) doesn't work any more; it looks like T-Mobile disallows G1 requests through the old WAP gateway.

Fortunately, wife just got a myTouch 3G and the matching Android data plan. To activate the new G1, we simply put wife's SIM in the G1, boot it, and activate the G1. We put the no-data SIM back in the G1, connect to the local WiFi network, and we're all set.


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