Board your plane paper-free

I’m in my hotel room and I realize I should check-in for tomorrow morning’s flight home. I’m too cheap to pay extra for the hotel’s WiFi service. All I have is my phone and its web browser. I bring up the airline’s mobile web site, and a few minutes later I’m all set.

Pain free, 100% mobile check-in and boarding is here. Lufthansa does it really well. On your phone, browse to m.lufthansa.com. Enter your name and confirmation code, and they’ll let you select your seat, just like on the desktop web site. Confirm your check-in, and they’ll send you a text message or email with a link to your boarding pass.

Show your phone with the boarding pass and the 2D bar code on the screen to the nice security guard at the airport terminal. Place your phone on the 2D bar code scanner to board the plane. Enjoy the free German chocolate onboard. It couldn’t be easier.

Pro tip: Save your boarding pass on your phone’s local memory in case you can’t get a network connection at the airport. It’s really embarrassing when you hold up the line trying to download the bar code to show the nice security person that it’s a real boarding pass.

Pro tip #2: Peak around the corner at your Lufthansa gate, and you’ll find the coffee machine. Enjoy a free espresso!

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Eric Krock said...

I agree that mobile phone boarding passes are a fantastic idea in theory. In practice, I doubt I'll use them because I'm afraid my mobile phone will run out of power and I'll be unable to get through security. I suppose I could always print a new boarding pass at a kiosk as a fallback plan--assuming I'm not cutting it so close that THAT causes me to miss the plane! If I develop confidence in printing at the kiosk as a universally-permitted fallback plan (do all airlines that allow mobile boarding passes have kiosks available and permit you to print when you wish?), maybe I'll give this a try.


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