The Official Agile Reading List

If you could only read one book on Agile, which would it be? What about two books? Three or more?

Here is the Official Agile Reading List, the full list of recommended reading to get you Agile:
Upcoming additions to the Official Agile Reading List include:
What would you add to the Official Agile Reading List?


Madhu said...

The books listed are more on the process and coaching, would be good if we can add books on the human related stuff dofferent styles of working habits, work habits like wokking in teams and how to work collabratively.

Richard said...

Madhu, check out some of these, from the list, and let's play Personality Poker some time:

- McCarthy Technologies Core Protocols by Jim and Michele McCarthy. Attend Jim and Michele's bootcamp for a life-transforming experience.

- Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. Learn how to discuss the most important things.

- Moving Beyond Icebreakers by Stanley Pollack. Hold great meetings that get people engaged and get work done. It works for people who hate each other enough to kill each other; it will work for you, too.

- Culture's Consequences by Geert Hofstede. A great read on working with people from different cultural backgrounds. Read my notes on this excellent book.

- Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen. Power to the people!

- Personality Poker by Stephen Shapiro. Use this game to build empathy and rapport.


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