Great Games for Scrum and Agile Learning

I love using games and interactive activities when I share Scrum and Agile with people. Here's a list of some of the games I use.

Name games
These games are from Stanley Pollack's excellent book, Moving Beyond Icebreakers.
  • Name shout, name wave, name race, name and motion, name and secret skill, name and adjective
  • Bag Toss 
Class start-up
These ways of collaborating are some of the Core Protocols.
Scrum and Agile fundamentals
  • Line Up
  • 60 Paces
  • Triangles
  • Human Knot
  • Human Sculpture
  • Alphabet and numbers: How fast can you go at simple tasks? What if you multitask? Round one: in 10 seconds, write the letters, e.g. A B C D. Round two: in 20 seconds, write letters and numbers, e.g. A1 B2 C3 D4. Round three: in 30 seconds, write letters, numbers, and the letters of your name, e.g. A1R B2I C3C D4H. Round four: in 40 seconds, write letters, numbers, the letters of your name, and the letters of the alphabet backward, e.g. A1RZ B2IX C3CY. Michael de la Maza taught me this game. Here’s a timer you can use.
Batch size

What are you favorite Agile and Scrum learning games?


Lauren Thomas said...

At Burris logistics we like to play to retrospective games; Retro Darts and one word.


Every game has 3 rounds
Round 1 is the Process
Round 2 is Product
Round 3 is Team

Every team member gets 3 darts.
Each team members goes to the board places a dart and says what he is scoring and why they scored it that way

you have a triple line which means this was really great

You have a double line which means it really good

You have numbers 1 -20. One being the lowest value and 20 being the highest value.

outer bull - was a wOW! but got an idea of how we can still improve it with a little tweak

Inner bull - We hit it! it was the best we could do!

After each round the team analyzes the results

What have we learned and what are we still struggling with?

What do we need to continue to do?

What do we need to put in the backlog for agile improvements?



Each Team Members place a word on the board that highlights the sprint for them
Team Plays Sprint Dictionary

One team member selects a word of the board
Everyone BUT the person who put it up on the board discusses what they think the team member meant by the word
The thoughts are captured
When everyone has said all the want to say, the team member who put the word up shares what they meant by the word

Team Discussion

After the team member shares their thoughts , the team discusses
What did we just hear from everyone?
What can we glean from what we heard?
Are there some underlying feelings, issues, etc. we need to dig deeper into?


Team Members places another word on the board that highlights the sprint for them if they have them

Lost For Words?

When there is nothing left to say (no more words)
Where do we put them?

Grave - We want to bury them and not take forward
Backpack - We want to take these forward...good tools
Dev Sever - we need to put this in the backlog and work on them

Richard Kasperowski said...

Awesome, Lauren! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!


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