Great Teams and Results

I help individuals and teams get great results using Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology.

I'm looking for a great client that wants to radically transform their team to be incredibly successful. Does that sound like you? Want to register or schedule a class, workshop, or experience with your team? Chat with me at skype:rkasperowski and Google Hangouts kasperowski, call me at +1.617.466.9754, or email me at

Core Protocols

Want your team to be 10x better? Want to deliver great products on time every time? Core Protocols are the best way to get there.

Offerings, in conjunction with my friends at the Greatness Guild and McCarthy Technologies


Now that you have a great team via Core Protocols, do something amazing with it! Use Scrum and other Agile tools to ensure you're building and delivering the great products your customers want.

  • Experience Agile: A unique 2-day class. Interactive, fun, and based on my unique Experience Agile Project, introduced to the world at Agile 2015, the world's leading Agile conference. Experience Agile uses the best pedagogical techniques to ensure students can use Agile on their real work, and can even teach it to others. Follows the Certified Scrum Master curriculum.
  • Agile Dojo: A 100% activity based class, ranging from 1 hour to 1 day, giving your Scrum Masters, managers, and teams the skills they need to be amazingly effective. Taught with Michael de la Maza.
  • Agile Software Development: The semester-long course I teach at Harvard University. Topics include both the social and technical aspects of great software development. Learn more and register here.
  • Coaching: I'll help your team by interacting with them in real-time, guiding them like a music teacher and like a martial arts master a toward mastery and success.

Open Space Technology

Open Space is a way to facilitate a meeting for 5 to 2000 people. Want a powerfully transformative experience? I'll help you do it. I have facilitated close to 100 Open Space sessions, including the world's longest-ever Open Space.

  • Full Open Space facilitation, including everything from the initial invitation and community building, through the event itself, to the proceedings and follow-up actions
  • a community web site that makes it trivially easy to record and publish your Open Space meeting's proceedings
  • Open Space-in-a-box: all the tools and supplies you need to conduct your own Open Space meeting, based on facilitating close to 100 Open Space sessions at QCon around the world

To register or schedule a class, workshop, or experience with your team, chat with me at skype:rkasperowski and Google Hangouts kasperowski, call me at +1.617.466.9754, or email me at

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