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How to: A Great Product Backlog Refinement Workshop

Are your Sprint Planning meetings painful? Are your Sprint outcomes always as great as you want? Have you ever held a Sprint Retrospective and decided to get your Product Backlog truly Ready? Here’s an outline of a Product Backlog Refinement Workshop I use with teams I manage and coach: Goals The goals [...]

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Great Games for Scrum and Agile Learning

I love using games and interactive activities when I share Scrum and Agile with people. Here's a list of some of the games I use. Name games These games are from Stanley Pollack's excellent book, Moving Beyond Icebreakers. Name shout, name wave, name race, name and motion, name and secret skill, name and adjective Bag Toss Class start-up These ways [...]

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How to Facilitate a Great Daily Scrum (Scrum Master skills series)

Welcome back to the Scrum Master Skills Series! In part 1, I shared my notes on how to facilitate a great Sprint Planning session. Here, in part 2, I share my notes on ho to facilitate a great Daily Scrum. Enjoy! INTRO Facilitate: to make facile, to make easy. That’s your job as facilitator. [...]

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Open Space Technology and Lean Coffee

Which is better, Open Space Technology or Lean Coffee? We explored Open Space and Lean Coffee at QCon London 2014. We put 15 facilitated peer sharing sessions on the program. We thought we would hold a series of 15 short Open Spaces, each one focused on a different conference track, staggered throughout the day. The conference was three days long, [...]

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How to Facilitate a Great Sprint Planning Session (Scrum Master skills series)

Welcome to the Scrum Masters Skills Series! In part 1, I share my notes on how to facilitate a great Sprint Planning session. Enjoy! INTRO Facilitate: to make facile, to make easy. That’s your job as facilitator. Create an experience. Design the experience. Want the team to feel positive? Design a positive [...]

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The Manager’s Role in Agile

What is the manager’s role in an Agile team? In the typical Agile training class, we learn about Scrum’s three roles: Product Owner, Development Team member, and Scrum Master. Where do managers fit in? Should managers be afraid that their job title isn’t part of Scrum? What is a manager, anyway? In industrial management [...]

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Find Your Good Life

I've been thinking about "the good life" a lot lately, inspired by reading John H. Bodley's textbook, Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States, and the Global System. Bodley uses the term summum bonum in his discussion on the good life. He definessummum bonum as, "the maximum human good … as culturally defined". Bodley writes: ... in addition [...]

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