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Learn Agile technical skills!

Agile is about building the right thing, and building the thing right. Learn how to build the thing right with Richard and Ethan. Benefits to you include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Be seen as a superstar by your colleagues
  • Go home early
  • Eat dinner on time
  • Have code that doesn’t break, and be known for that

You’ll leave with solid new skills, including:

  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Working with legacy code
  • Refactoring and refactoring patterns
  • Code smells
  • Code coverage
  • Pair programming
  • Mob programming

We learn by doing. We write code together, practicing code kata in a coding dojo setting.

What people are saying:

  • Richard gave us a great hands-on intro to mob programming which really got me thinking–great session! -Will Nicholson, Technical Architect
  • A fantastic and uplifting day learning TDD and mod programming. I’ll definitely be imitating this back @ work! -Ben Ansell, Software Engineer
  • I learned many new techniques in just one day that I can use Monday morning when I return to the office. -Pontus Strand, Consultant
  • An amazing opportunity to gain an understanding of Agile technical skills -Darrel Ward, Software Engineer
  • Highly enjoyable -Jirawat Utayaya, Software Engineer
  • This isn’t just for a developer. It is inclusive to the non-developers to take part in the creative side of coding. -Senior UI Engineer
  • Coding right is more important than writing code. -Richard Crissafulli, QA Engineer

Your teachers
Richard is a speaker, trainer, coach, and author focused on high-performance teams. Richard created and teaches the course Agile Software Development at Harvard University.

Ethan is the founder of the Greater Boston Coding Dojo.