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Are you struggling to decide which tools will best empower your team? Are you wondering how to facilitate effectively? Kicking off our Miroverse creator spotlight series is Richard Kasperowski, the creator behind the Lean Coffee template. Richard is an author, teacher, speaker and coach focused on high-performance teams. During this session Richard will walk us through his Lean Coffee template and show us how and why Lean Coffee is an amazing meeting and workshop tool to facilitate a productive meeting in an innovative and unorthodox way. The power of an agenda-less, Lean Coffee meeting lies in its format to facilitate dynamic conversations in a small group setting.

Use Richard’s Miroverse template today! Find it here: https://miro.com/miroverse/lean-coffee-richard/

Learn more at https://kasperowski.com/

Richard Kasperowski

Richard Kasperowski

Harvard University

Author, speaker, teacher, and coach focused on team building and high-performance teams

Richard Kasperowski is an author, speaker, teacher, and coach focused on team building and high-performance teams. Richard is the author of two books: High-Performance Teams: The Foundations and The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness. He leads clients in building and maintaining high-performance teams that get great results using the Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology. Richard c…

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Helena Brandist

Helena Brandist


Community Specialist

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