Measure and improve your team’s psychological safety with the How Safe Is Your Team? Psychological Safety Workshop.

It’s well known that teams that measure high on psychological safety measure high on performance. That is, if you want a high-performance team, you want high psychological safety.

How do you get high psychological safety? First, measure your team’s psych safety. Next, discuss the data you’ve collect. Next, ideate possibilities for increasing your safety. Finally, commit to concrete steps to making improvements together.

In this workshop, I will guide your team through all the steps, making it easy to facilitate a workshop that helps you measure your team’s psychological safety and commit to making improvements.

This workshop is for one team of up to 10 people. I would love to include more team members and more simultaneous teams in the workshop. Purchase as many instances of this workshop as you want, and we’ll include everyone.

After your purchase, I will send you a link to my calendar. Use that link to make an appointment for whatever date and time is convenient for you.