You’re a loser. Get a job! (Part 1 of 3)

Motivation I am a loser, a good for nothing jobless scum.Not really, but that’s how I sometimes felt when I was looking for a job.  Are you looking for work?  Are you good at it?  How long will it take for you to find a job?I left a job I loved to join a small promising [...]

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Use Agile for mobile, and be awesome

Your dev team sucks.  Use Agile software development for mobile, and be awesome. That was my pitch Saturday morning at MobileCampBoston3.  I led a session later that day, titled "Agile for Mobile."  I introduced Agile, explained some of its rationale, and identified some of the Agile frameworks.  I talked a lot about Scrum and a little about XP.  I [...]

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Certified Scrum Practitioner

I am now officially a Certified Scrum Practitioner. So what? So it signifies that my peers recognize that I understand Scrum pretty well. The certification shows I have actually applied Scrum for real, on a real project, in a real organization, for real stakeholders. It's not a big deal, really. It's just a token from an independent [...]

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How to be a great tech leader

Anyone can write code, but how do you effectively lead a team building an excellent software product?  To guide your team to greatness, you have to be a great technical leader.  A great tech leader does three things: know what to build, help the team build it, and help the team continuously improve. [...]

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