The Core Protocols:
A Guide to Greatness

Want to live in greatness? This book is your guide. The Core Protocols show you how to discover and obtain what you want, on your own, with your friends and family, and with the people you work with. Follow these easy recipes to understand and articulate your personal alignment, to connect and align with others, to share vision together, and to make the abundant goodness of the universe yours. Based on the work of Jim McCarthy and Michele McCarthy, this book is your concise guide to understanding what you want, connecting with others who support you, and living in greatness.

The Core Protocols book cover


This succinct reference is a great framework for understanding what you truly want, what your friends, family or colleagues truly want and how to embrace the commonalities and differences. To me, The Core Protocols is really about being constructive and remaining open to possibilities in group setting aspiring for greatness – or more importantly, having the emotional intelligence enough to say “I’m out.” without judgement. It’s easy, accessible and inspiring. Buy now!

K. J.
Mr Kasperowski is a great explainer and engaging teacher. don’t be put off by the fact this isn’t a hefty tome. there’s great strength in its brevity and power in every sentence.

Stephen Harrison
The Core Protocols are so powerful human interaction patterns, enabling high bandwidth communication between people to a level you never imagined.
In order to build great products and services, build a great team using The Core Protocols and commitments of this book.

Christian Delez
Thoughtful, insightful and immediately useful. Great application of team emotional intelligence principles.

Heidi Spann
The Core Protocols are a life-changing experience in logical relationships and work. I use them all the time. I teach them. I share them.

Destined to be a classic of intra and interpersonal interaction that is maybe slightly ahead of its time, those that embrace their simplicity reap massive rewards.

I’m in.


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