Agile & Scrum Foundations:
Class Workbook

Agile and Scrum Foundations is a required class in the Certified Agile Team Building™️ course This workbook accompanies the class, helping you follow along, take notes, and reinforce your learning as you go. By the end of this class, students know, understand, and have practiced what they need to know to apply agile principles and practices on their successful technology projects. Class topics include:

  • Effective team norms: how to make fast and unanimous group decisions for efficient team interactions
  • Agile & the Agile Manifesto: what is Agile, and where it came from
  • Inspect and adapt: why empirical processes like Scrum work better for complicated and complex problems than defined processes
  • Scrum: introduction and deep dive
  • Team formation and product inception: teams, company vision, product vision, stakeholders, and user personas;
  • Agile product requirements: product backlog development–great user stories and more;
  • Estimating: for effective team alignment;
  • Agile forecasting and project management: how to plan and replan your project;
  • Sprint planning: planning a successful increment of work;
  • Retrospectives: optimizing the team;
  • Agile at large scale: how to scale beyond one agile team
  • Experience Agile Project: use Scrum to design, implement, and deliver a real product together.

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The Core Protocols are a life-changing experience in logical relationships and work. I use them all the time. I teach them. I share them.

Destined to be a classic of intra and interpersonal interaction that is maybe slightly ahead of its time, those that embrace their simplicity reap massive rewards.

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