I offer a variety of classes aimed at helping you develop and maintain a high-performance team.

Classes include:

Agile and Scrum Foundations

Experience Agile and Scrum in two days

Day 1
  • Effective team norms: how to make fast and unanimous group decisions for efficient team interactions
    Activity: Decider Protocol
  • Agile & the Agile Manifesto: what is Agile and where did it come from?
    Activity: Presto Manifesto
  • Inspect and adapt: why empirical processes like Scrum work better than defined processes for complicated and complex problems
    Activity: Ball Point Game

  • Scrum: introduction and deep dive
    Activity: Build Your Own Scrum
  • Team formation and product inception: teams, company vision, product vision, stakeholders, and user personas
    Activity: Vision and stakeholder mini-workshop
  • Agile product requirements: Product backlog development–great user stories and more
    Activities: Storytelling and backlog development mini-workshop
Day 2
  • Estimating: For effective team alignment
    Activity: Animal estimating
  • Agile forecasting and project management: how to plan and replan your project
  • Sprint Planning: Planning a successful increment of work
    Activity: Experience Agile Project
  • Retrospectives: Optimizing the team
    Activity: Experience Agile Project
  • Agile at Large Scale: How to scale beyond one Agile team (time permitting)
  • Experience Agile Project: Use Scrum to design, implement, and deliver a real product together
    Activity: Experience Agile Project

Measure your teams’
effectiveness across many

  • Performance
  • High-performance Behaviors
  • Team Emotional Itelligence
  • Agility

Understand the current
state of your organization

Create your path to high

& Coaching

1-2 day courses:

  • High-Performance Teams:
    Core Protocols for
    Psychological Safety and EI
  • Agile & Scrum Foundations
  • Agile Product Owner Skills
  • Agile Technical Skills

5-day course:

  • Core Protocols Boot Camp

Coaching on high-performance team behaviors


Weekly group sessions
to grow your new skills


Master the skills by
becoming a certified

Scale the program by
training your own trainers


  • Re-measure your teams every 3-4 months
  • Tune subsequent training, coaching, and practice as you continue on your path to a high-performance organization