I offer a variety of classes aimed at helping you develop and maintain a high-performance team.

Classes include:

Agile Product Owner Skills

Product management skills to efficiently and effectively guide engineers to build the right product

The usual prerequisite is Experience Agile and Scrum. Topics are tailored to your team’s needs.

  • Product inception: Company vision, product vision, stakeholders, and user personas
    Activity: Decider Protocol
  • Agile requirements: Product backlog development–great user stories and more
    Activities: Storytelling and backlog development mini-workshop
  • User story mapping: An effective tool for empathizing with stakeholders and elaborating their needs as a product backlog
    Activity: User story mapping mini-workshop
  • Whole-team long-range forecasting: How to build a long-range product delivery forecast with full team alignment
    Activity: Whole-team long-range forecasting mini-workshop
  • Agile at Large Scale: How to scale beyond one Agile team (time permitting)
  • Advanced topics, time permitting
    Agile forecasting and project management
    Sprint Planning
    Agile at Large Scale

Measure your teams’
effectiveness across many

  • Performance
  • High-performance Behaviors
  • Team Emotional Itelligence
  • Agility

Understand the current
state of your organization

Create your path to high

& Coaching

1-2 day courses:

  • High-Performance Teams:
    Core Protocols for
    Psychological Safety and EI
  • Agile & Scrum Foundations
  • Agile Product Owner Skills
  • Agile Technical Skills

5-day course:

  • Core Protocols Boot Camp

Coaching on high-performance team behaviors


Weekly group sessions
to grow your new skills


Master the skills by
becoming a certified

Scale the program by
training your own trainers


  • Re-measure your teams every 3-4 months
  • Tune subsequent training, coaching, and practice as you continue on your path to a high-performance organization