led two sessions at this year’s Mobile Camp Boston on February 19: one on mobile consumer identity, and the other on agile software development.

Give them what they want: mobile consumer identity
We talked about knowing your mobile customers.  The most important question for you to ask your customers is, would you buy my product? Followed by, why or why not?  We discussed ways to identify your mobile customers as individuals, and ways to understand their wants, needs, and desires, with examples from my work at Nokia.

Use Agile for mobile and be awesome!
This was the fourth edition of my Agile for Mobile presentation.  We improvised a discussion around Agile and Scrum.  Why do we value Agile? What are the Agile behaviors we use in our work?  Which practices work for us?  What has worked for me, what should you try?   (Agile talks from previous years: 2008, 2009, 2010)

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions, and everyone who attended the Mobile Camp and helped make it happen.

(Photo from Mobile Camp Boston web page)