I will be presenting at this year’s Scrum Gathering in Orlando, March 8-10. My first presentation is Sneaky Scrum, a Pecha-Kucha, on March 9 at 8:00 in Sanibel 1 & 2:

Does your organization resist Scrum? Is your boss afraid of Scrum because of the strange jargon and lack of big up front planning? Do your developers say it’s a good idea, but they can’t deliver done stories?

Try Sneaky Scrum. Trick your teams into adopting Scrum, one practice at a time. Use my subversive system to stealthily sneak Scrum into your organization. I did, and I’ll show you how I did it.

My second presentation is From AnyCo to AwesomeCo: A Case Study in Scrum Transformation, a full length presentation, on March 9 at 3:30 in Osceola 2:

We started as AnyCo, and we became AwesomeCo.

We spent two years applying various agile practices, trying to improve our project success rate.

Then we met Scrum, and 12 months later, we were a great team.

This is a case study of an actual mobile software company, whose name has been changed to protect the innocent.

I joined AnyCo to help transform it to AwesomeCo by applying agile practices. AnyCo’s initial software process was waterfall.

We eventually found and rigorously applied Scrum, with great results.

AwesomeCo now delivers truly great software products, with very high quality, predictable time lines, predictable costs, and satisfied customers.

I’ll share how we made the transformation, what prompted it, how I got the courage to do it, and our successes and failures.

The presentation includes:

  • Scrum and agile history
  • Why generic agile failed at AnyCo
  • How AnyCo used Scrum to transform itself into AwesomeCo
  • AwesomeCo’s new awesome powers
  • Pitfalls during the transition

If you’ll be at the Gathering, let me know–I’d love to hang out with you.