Don’t change
In parts one and two of this three part series, I explored that you need to be prepared and that finding a job is your job.  Before you needed a job, you were doing a lot of things right.  Why stop now?  Keep doing the things that made you successful in the past, and you’ll be successful this time, too.


Daily routine
Treat every weekday as a work day, just like you used to when you had a job.  Wake up early.  Bathe, shave, and brush your teeth.  Dress for work.  Drink your coffee, eat your breakfast, and go to work.


Don’t be a loser
When you were working, you didn’t act like a loser, so don’t do it now.  Don’t stay up late watching TV and drinking beer.  Don’t roll out of bed at noon.  Work a full day, 9:00 to 5:00 every weekday, just like you used to.


Don’t get down
It’s easy to feel like a loser when you don’t have a job.  Your former coworkers were part of your social network; without them, you feel isolated and alone.  Keep your social bonds alive!  Go to industry events, meet new people, and reinforce old friendships.  Hang out with friends.  Make appointments for lunch, coffee, dinner, and beer with people in your professional network.


Continue doing the things that used to make you happy.  Watch funny movies.  Go to the gym, go out dancing, and do all the other things you used to do to stay physically active.  Don’t stay inside–get out!  Take the dog for a walk, watch him play in the park, and be friendly with the other dog people.


This series
I hope you enjoyed this series, and I hope some of this advice helps you on your job search.  Don’t be shy–reread parts one and two, and let me know what works for you:
Part 3: Don’t change