How to remove a stale shortcut

Once in a while, a program installed on my HP iPAQ 6315 becomes stale. Some of its files disappear, and it won't run any more. The program's icon still appears in the Windows Mobile Programs list, though. When you select it, Windows displays a message like this:

Foo.exe                   ok
Cannot find 'Foo'
(or one of its components)
. Make sure the path and
filename are correct and all
the required libraries are

I don't need the program any more, so I don't care that it doesn't run, but I do want to remove it from the Programs list. Here's how:

First, run ActiveSync.


Click Explore. Under My Pocket PC, browse to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs:

Mobile Device explorer

Select the stale shortcut, and click Delete this item.

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