Week 6 practice plan

Here is an outline for this week's training. The goal is for the players to continue improving basic skills, especially the possession game. We'll review throw ins and introduce the defensive wall.

  1. Passing and juggling: Warm up in pairs

  2. Throw in wall pass: Player stands at first cone, throws the ball in to his partner, and runs to the second cone, where he receives a pass from his partner. Partner practices ball skills receiving the throw in and attempts to pass back with 1 or 2 touches.

  3. Shield-steal

  4. Right angle passing

  5. 2v2+2 or 3v3+3

  6. Four small goals

  7. Triangle Goal Game

  8. 8v8

Encourage possession (stealing, shielding, passing) and shooting from distance. In small sided games, teach the use of a defensive wall to block a free kick.

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