iPhone MMS on T-Mobile

I ran Cydia and installed Installer earlier today. The default Installer sources list a gazillion cool applications, including a few that I couldn't live without: Guitar Tuner and iPhone Video Recorder. I'll also install Funambol and see if I can sync my contacts list between GooSync and iPhone.

Another important application is SwirlyMMS, an MMS client. (Why doesn't iPhone include a native MMS client? The lack of a video recorder and an MMS client almost stopped me from buying the iPhone). To configure SwirlyMMS, I used these settings:

MMSC and Proxy Server Settings

MMS-specific APN Settings
MMS-APN: wap.voicestream.com
User: empty
Pass: empty

I successfully sent an image from the iPhone to my email address, so I think it works.

I replied, sending email from my PC to my phone number and attaching a different image file. The iPhone received it as an MMS. To view the MMS, I installed MobileFinder and MobilePreview.

It's a little crufty, but it works.


Anonymous said...

Funiculus is a microphone based tuner that's also available on Installer.

Richard said...

That's a really nice app. Thanks for the pointer.

Brett Schulte said...

Hey Richard - have you heard anything about Swirly MMS coming to Cydia?

Check out my post on T-Zones and MMS on my blog...


Richard said...

I think Swirly MMS is now available in Cydia, and that's how I most recently installed it after upgrading to firmware 2.1.

I like Swirly MMS so much that I paid the $8 for it.

Anonymous said...

im using the cracked version of swirly mms and these settings dont work....this application only ever works on and off for me.... any help?

Richard said...

I strongly recommend that you compensate the nice Swirly people for their work, and then ask them for help.

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!!! I GOT IT WORKING!


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