Living in the cloud

I almost never bring my laptop home, so I almost never bring my laptop to the office. Yesterday was no exception: I didn't bring my laptop to the office, even though I had brought it home the previous day.

How could I possibly get anything done without my PC? Fortunately, I live in the cloud. I do almost all of my work through Firefox and web app's. I borrowed a surplus PC and got to work. Here are some examples of web app's I depend on:
  • GMail: All of my new email arrives here, regardless of the destination address. Almost all of me old email, dating back over 15 years, lives here, too.
  • Google Calendar: All my appointments. I still need a good way to sync this with the iPhone native calendar.
  • Google Docs: Almost all of my documents are here, including all my work notes and my work to do list.
  • Google Browser Sync: All my bookmarks are here, including links to these web app's.
  • Meebo: All my contacts, all my IM accounts, both on the PC and on the iPhone.
  • Skype: All my contacts
There are others, but these got me through the workday. If only I had a good inexpensive replacement for Project, everything would be in the cloud.

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