My view, your view

We watched the Rev's play to a 0-0 draw last night in the first leg of a home-away playoff against Chicago. The match was entertaining, and it was great to see the ref yellow-card Blanco for dissent.

My view at the stadium was partly obscured by a TV camera crane. Your view at home was a little better. (Thanks for the photo, Todd.)


Kevin said...

Ha! I was in section 109, ROW 1, seat 10....basically right behind Steve Nicol.

Let me repeat...Row 1.

Good game, but it's hard to win anything with that many players out.

Richard said...

We had more fun in "the seats of Section 2" than anyone at midfield.

You're right, though, it was an exciting match if only because they earned a 0-0 draw rather than getting crushed.


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