Firefox tabs broken

Lately, my Firefox 3.0.4 has been misbehaving. Whenever I press Ctrl-t to open a new tab, a window pops up in the bottom right corner, displaying this text:
Ubiquity Notification
An exception occurred while running (). TypeError: window.content is null
Here's a screen shot:

When I type a URL in the new tab's URL text box, the web page open's in the previous tab. When I Crtl-click to open a URL in a new tab, the new web page loads in the current tab.


My best fix is to completely uninstalled Firefox, delete my Firefox settings (folder C:\Documents and Settings\my-user-name\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox), and reinstall Firefox. After that, everything is back to normal.


Jason DeGeorge said...

It is time to move to chrome!

Richard said...

You're right, it is time to move to Chrome. Unfortunately, some of my favorite web app's don't work well on Chrome. Both Google Docs and Remember the Milk both complain about Chrome's Gears. Offline mode is important for app's like that, so I can't make the switch yet.


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