Windows Start Menu doesn't pay attention to me

On my work PC, the Windows Starts Menu didn't pay attention to me. I told it that I don't need it to list an email client. I ran plenty of applications, and they appeared in the most recently used list. Every time I logged out, though, it ignored me, showing Outlook Express as the email client, and the default list of programs instead of my recent ones. Gosh, it really ground my gears.

How did this chaos happen? When I installed Windows XP, I created a local user for myself, richard. I logged in a local user richard, and Windows initialized some state for my user. Then I logged out, joined my company's Windows domain, and logged in as my domain user, richard. My domain user suffered the problems.

The only way I could fix it is by reinstalling Windows. I was careful not to log in as a local user named richard before logging in as my domain user named richard. All is well, and I sure do sleep better at night.

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